Seebright Ripple 2

10-6-6-1The Seebright Ripple 2 is the initial viewer and is part of the Reality Developer Kit™. It enables developers to experiment and develop applications for upcoming platforms and the next generation of computer media. If you’re ready to develop mixed reality applications for see-through displays, the RDK is the most versatile development platform for mixed reality experiences.

The Seebright Ripple 2 is an affordable display platform for mixed reality development. It supports both the Occipital Structure Sensor and the Leap Motion sensor through mounting features and adapters, as well as a bracket to mount commercially available headgear, enabling hands-free applications in training, remote assistance, drone piloting and more.

The Seebright Ripple reference designs are available for licensing and customization. Developers can click the link below to request a Seebright Ripple 2 Beta as part of the Seebright RDK Beta.