Seebright is a pioneer in the field of mixed reality, and the first to realize the power of the smartphone for mixed reality (MR). We develop tools to adapt MR experiences to smartphones, supported by an affordable hardware option to introduce developers and early adopters to mixed reality.

Graduate students at the University of California Santa Cruz founded Seebright to pursue an affordable see-through augmented reality platform. Now, wildly popular games are proving that MR will win adoption by consumers as the next paradigm of immersive media.

The Seebright Ripple is a platform that enables the developer community to explore mixed reality using smartphones. It is an affordable see-through display ideally suited to exploring the potential of mixed reality experiences. The Ripple is an integral part of the Seebright Reality Development Kit.

Preorders for the Seebright Ripple 2 will be available soon. It features a foldable eyepiece, touch controls and weighs (sans smartphone) less than 200g.

The Seebright Ripple 2 is part of the Seebright Reality Developer Kit, which is being made available to select developers who apply to receive access to the beta version of the viewer along with the web editor and Unity plugin.