Available to Developers for Pre-Order Early 2016

The Seebright Wave Innovator Edition AR system and 3D motion controller is a breakthrough solution for see-through augmented reality. Intended for developers, the affordable system makes it easy to rapidly prototype and develop mobile augmented reality experiences using iOS and Android smartphones.

  • Smartphone powered head mounted display with industry leading visual quality delivering high quality 3D AR experiences and a 40 degree field-of-view
  • Companion 9-axis, 3D motion controller for precision input or hands-free gesture operations
  • Seebright Wave SDK is a powerful set of tools for rapidly creating and deploying applications on Unity, iOS and Android
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Reality Processing

Faster Learning, Improved Task Performance

Coming soon, Seebright will introduce a reality processing system for integrating cloud-based services and emerging augmented and virtual reality applications.

Learning new tasks and skills is fundamental to education and enterprise users. Seebright is developing a solution that makes it easy to define complex interactions with virtual objects and online information. This solution will allow users to interact and learn using virtual objects and simulated interactions. Powered by Seebright’s reality processing system, augmented and virtual reality devices will accelerate learning and task performance.

We are entering a new era of personal computing. Augmented reality displays such as the Seebright Wave will sense user context and process what you are doing in real-time to make you faster, smarter and more efficient. The cloud will need an unprecedented level of responsiveness and flexibility to handle everyday challenges. Seebright’s reality processing system will bridge the gap by providing a real time link between these new computing clients and the cloud.

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Enterprise Applications

Seebright is ready to help enterprises pioneer the next generation of AR applications. Enterprises are exploring solutions which combine multiple clients and emerging head mounted display technology. The Seebright Wave Innovator Edition is a development platform consisting of a low-cost head-mounted display (HMD) reference design with see-through, wide field-of-view optics, a 9-axis motion controller and an SDK enabling AR display rendering and multiple input modalities. This platform is ideal for enterprises seeking to rapidly assess and deploy AR applications.

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Augmented Reality Developers

Pioneer augmented reality by developing augmented reality applications on today’s mobile platforms. Rapidly prototype 3D see-through augmented reality solutions on affordable hardware with high quality visuals.

The Seebright Wave Innovator Edition is an ideal platform for developers seeking to pioneer augmented reality using existing tools and platforms. Easily migrate existing mobile AR experiences designed for tablets and smartphones to a 3D augmented reality experience with motion control on the Seebright Wave Innovator Edition. The Wave SDK enables head tracking, controller input, and stereo visual display. It includes support for Unity and native API implementations for iOS or Android.

The Seebright Wave Innovator Edition can be used with existing computer vision toolkits including Vuforia. The integrated optical periscope makes it possible to use existing mobile computer vision implementations without modification, speeding your migration from a smartphone to an HMD implementation.

The Wave SDK and documentation is now available, sign up to request early access.

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